Ready for New Site Feedback

I have identified all the key pages from my old site that I want to have easily accessible and visible on the new site. I still have a ton of editing to go, but I hit the point where feedback is needed.

Jon and I are still working on the image, colors and templates. Not all my old blog sidebar widgets are in, but I’d appreciate any feedback about the site structure and over all look and feel.

Next, we’ll create a template to apply to my old blog pages which won’t change, redirect others to the new pages here, then I think we are ready to put it up on the real domain! WOO HOO!

Added Later:

  • Do you think the quote text in gray is too hard to read?

2 thoughts on “Ready for New Site Feedback”

  1. I like it. Very neat and clean and I like the site map on the left. Not sure about the tag cloud but I’m not a tag cloud person in general.

  2. Overall look and feel is JUST GREAT.

    Feels strange to have the info and navigation on the left, not the right, but it’s like driving and you get used to it.

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