The Climate Group Research Project

I am having fun trying out my new blogging platform, even though I have not migrated to my final url, which will cause havoc to anyone who links to a post. But one MUST test the software, right?

My friend Molly Webb has embarked on a new job with a VERY interesting project that hits to the heart of any online person: what is our use of technology costing the environment. The Climate Group is kicking off a project that should be of interest to us.

The Climate Group: About Us: Our Work Programmes: ICT
How will the continued growth of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) impact climate change? How could ICTs enable the transition to a low-carbon economy? The °Climate Group will explore these questions and more in a program of work beginning in November, 2007.

To inform this work, the Climate Group and GeSI [Global e-Sustainability Initiative] will collaborate on a global study to evaluate the ICT (Information Communication Technology) sector’s role in climate change. The work will begin in November and report in March.

The project aims to:

  • Deliver the first globally comprehensive picture of direct and indirect carbon emissions of telecoms, computing, services and software.
  • Define common themes and issues across the ICT lifecycle, identifying critical trends, scenarios and impact assessments for the ICT sector to 2020.
  • Create a ‘road map’ to allow the ICT sector to act now on reducing global energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

One thought on “The Climate Group Research Project”

  1. This is a very important research project and one in which I would like to be involved as a government agency committed to creating and delivering improved services across collaboration, useability, lessening the effects of business transactions on the envrionment and taking a leadership role in the whole-of-government interoperability.

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon


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