Petronas Towers, Mist and KM

Petronas Towers at Night in the Rain

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I can’t resist sharing this one shot. This mist is lovely.

I am back in my room, preparing for my participation on a panel about the “Future of KM” here at GK3. I have been thinking things like “the culture of love,” Juanita Brown’s “conversation as a radical act,” communities, connection and the challenges of multimembership and simple overwork. In other words, not focusing on the technical. I was revisiting the advice Dave Pollard (via email) and Jack Vinson offered me, and Jack reminded me to visit Dave Snowden’s blog. Lo and behold, I found this….



[we must] rethink the relation between knowledge and emotion and construct conceptual models that demonstrate the mutually constitutive rather than oppositional relation between reason and emotion. Far from precluding the possibility of reliable knowledge, emotion as well as value must be shown as necessary ….

Jaggar 1989:157 “Love and Knowledge in Feminist Epistemology” in Jagger & Bordo Gender/Body/Knowledge quoted in Smith & Jenks Qualitative Complexity


Whoa, there’s that love again. Dave Pollard, in email was right in the same flow:

“My strong recommendation to you is to shake ’em all up by doing what I did in San Jose this month – focus on the holy trinity (which you helped me discover) of love, conversation and community.”

The mist is lifting!