Day 2 of GK3 Begins

Prepping for the Future of KM session

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Today I have no presentation responsibilities! Yay! I get to graphically record the panel on The Future of Access, moderated by Steve Song, and I’ll do two more sessions tomorrow. I did a yoga class here at the hotel this morning which required a lot of upper arm strength, so now I’m wondering how my arms will feel drawing on a 4×8 piece of paper!

It is amazing how moving from words to images changes my experience of a meeting or session. It helps me listen better. I figured if it helps me listen, it might help me think, so yesterday I did this sketch to prepare for the panel I was on, the Future of KM and Web 2.0 in Development.

I’m not a fan of panels. We tried to make it more participatory by limiting our remarks and opening it up to the audience, but we ended up creating moments for people to make a point or ask a question, but it didn’t get to conversation. At one point I jumped up to the flip chart and started recording the questions because they were important questions, but we were in no position to begin to explore the answers.

We need these conversations.

In retrospect, I wish I had “abandoned my role as panelist” and just started at the flip chart. I think I would have mind-mapped this conversation to look at the pattern of questions. A list in this case feels overwhelming to me.

From a content perspective, I wish I had brought up the concept of community technology stewardship. Oops!

There were two rapporteurs at our session. It will be interesting to see what they make of it for the record.

As for me, I’m so grateful to be drawing today.