Speaking of F2F events…

Leif over at SparkNW and company are offering a workshop in Seattle about balancing tech and our lives. Check it out at Spark Northwest & Soul Tech Seattle on January 26th. Leif, are ya making it green?

Technology can be fun and effective, and yet it can also be stressful, addictive and even soul-deadening at times.
* How do we deepen awareness of when we are too consumed by technology?
* When we become aware, how do we consciously choose new behavior that deepens our happiness and connection with others?
* As we work to establish a balance between technical and soulful aspects of living, how do we stick with it?

The Soul Tech workshop will address these challenges. Using a fun and inspiring group process, you will develop a clear understanding of where you are at and where you want to go with technology, from a soulful living perspective, and you will layout a concrete plan for getting there. We’ll use a mix of facilitation, games and activities that are at once fun, insightful and respectful. You will end up with specific ways to bring balance and happiness to what can be a fast-paced technologically absorbing world.

Seattle, WA. Capitol Hill, Velocity Studio.
1:30p to 6:00p on Saturday, January 26th, 2008.