The Gift of Intuition

This is too good not to reblog, from Shawn Callahan over at AnecdoteIntuition

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift
And the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honours the servant
And has forgotten the gift

—Albert Einstein

I use my intuition as a basic part of my practice. I’m good at the rational mind stuff as well, but sometimes I “know” something in a way I can’t explain. I can’t always “justify.” It is not about being right or wrong but listening to that voice of intuition and knowing how to weave it into my practice.

How do you use your intuition? Or do you ignore it? At what cost?

3 thoughts on “The Gift of Intuition”

  1. A few thoughts on this Nancy, but first, to answer your twitter about Odigo –wow, cool! Yes, I can see myself using this as hearing blog posts are obviously much easier and safer while driving than reading (: Thanks for bringing my attention to this.

    1)I used to be active in the charismatic christian world and, at that time, I was encouraged to develop certain ‘spiritual gifts’ that were basically teaching me to listen to my intuition. For example, when praying for someone I would ‘listen’ for information ‘from the Spirit’..often surprisingly helpful information from either deeper within me, or from ;out there’ (that I couldn’t have known) came to me… usually in the form of metaphors/pictures. Sadly, I’ve gone through so much spiritual transition and confusion since then, I have not been practicing, growing or paying attention in that way. But thats a much longer story.

    2)I’ve been reading the classic “co-active coaching” as part of my -life/goals coaching practice, and was recently encouraged to pay more attention to my intuitive side and to share it with my clients (with qualifications of course, “I’m trying to learn to pay more attention to my intuition, and I just had this image/thought come to mind….does that resonate with you?”). The results have been good, and it makes me want to start to do it more and more in my daily life. As you know, with my soul tech workshop stuff, I am concerned that screen-centricity can adversely affect our ability to ‘hear’ those kinds of voices, but, perhaps there is a way to still stay open while ‘wired’ –you have challenged me with your techno optimism before!


  2. Leif, you remind me that expressing our intuitive responses really implies a way of expressing that it is an intuitive response. I think on the web there is a lot of “I KNOW THIS” or a lack of attention about how our language can express a certainty that may not actually exist. So your reminder about how we use and leverage our intuitive responses with others is a part of the cake!

  3. Yes, I KNOW I am right that having humility about our communications is a good idea. Harhar. (:

    BTW, I like Einstein’s complimentary quote, to yours:
    ““Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

    I am fascinated by the mostly untapped powers of the imagination. I think intuition and imagination are closely related. Maybe imagination is the real but invisible field that intuition stands and calls from…sadly, it seems we live in a time where we mostly trust the press releases typed out by her brother ‘Rational Mind’.

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