Tony Tags me on 2007 Traffic Stats

Tony Karrer tagged me with his new 2007 Blog Traffic Stats – Hopefully a Meme (hopes its a meme!). OK, I’ll bite, particularly since I rarely look at my stats, but I was curious last week about how my reduced blogging impacted readership on the site. Otherwise I’m a bit oblivious to stats. I do like to see in my Bloglines readers how many subscribers I have. And I know I lost a lot of people when I moved from Blogger to my new WordPress powered site. But that’s cool.

Of course, this tells us nothing about folks who read this blog via their blog readers. Are you one of them? I’d love to know. I’m always curious about people who read this blog but rarely, if ever, actually visit.

Here are my Google Analytics screen captures. After them you will find an interesting disclosure!

blog stats 2

There is one page on my website that has nothing to do with my blog but which gets a ton of traffic. It has been on my site since 1997. It is my son’s story about my grandmother’s ravioli recipe! 10% of all pageviews last year!

So, I’m not sure I’ll tag anyone. I have a slight discomfort that it may be implied that there is some sort of competition here. If you feel like doing it on your own, circle back and leave a link and any reflections on what you learned looking at your blog stats.

5 thoughts on “Tony Tags me on 2007 Traffic Stats”

  1. Nancy, thanks for sharing. Appreciated.

    Interesting to see the ravioli page and the community manual page come up at the top of your list. Your top level page “/” get hits far less often. Not sure why that is?

    I’m also surprised that you wouldn’t have a much higher pages viewed when people are coming into your resource pages more than the blog.

    Hopefully there will be more of these posts with these interesting tidbits.

  2. Tony, my old top level page was a boring old page until the end of November when I moved my blog to the front page. So I expect the hits will change this year.

    I also am not sure I’ve implemented Google analytics correctly. !LOL!

  3. I follow your blog using Google Reader. I do click through to view your actual blog now and then. I do so on a whim, so I cannot say what makes me go to your site. I did click through a lot when you changed from blogger to wordpress just to get oriented. I can also read something on your blog, and then decide to tell someone about it in an email. Then I go to your site to make sure I have the correct URL. I suppose such erratic behavior is bad for stats?

  4. Karen, your practices mirror mine a lot. I skim in my reader (Bloglines), then click in if I want to tag a site or send it to someone else. Or if I know the blogger has a particularly visual approach so I can “see” the whole effect. But I confess I skim a LOT, so the blog reader is really useful from a time efficiency perspective.

    As for “erratic” behavior being bad for stats. Pshaw!

    Thanks for sharing your practice!

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