A post for parents and educators about the internet

Sanzaru TooAs some of you know, I’ve adopted the edublogging community as a collective mentor. This passionate network of people using web based technologies in teaching and learning constantly inspire and teach ME lessons that I carry to the non profit and NGO sector. So today when I got a tweet about a post from Australian edublogger Sue Waters reporting that Al Upton’s amazing “MiniLegends” classroom blog was given a shut down order, I clicked right in and read… Al Upton & The MiniLegend’s Blog Given Order for Closure | Mobile Technology in TAFE. Sue references Al’s blog shutdown notice here.

I think these are two very important blog posts to read, comment upon and write about for a couple of reasons.

  • Finding wise and useful ways to work with children online is very important. Balancing knowns and unknowns, dealing with the school and legal systems challenges (!!!) must not overtake the core issue of helping children become savvy, responsible users of digital tools and media. So we all need to be involved in both the practice and the discussion.
  • Wise and savvy digital kids become wise and savvy digital citizens, employees, entrepreneurs and innovators. If we stifle them in grade 3, what can we expect down the road. The internet is here. We cannot cover our ears, eyes and mouths like the three monkeys.

Take a read. Pop on over to Al’s blog and give your input. This is a VERY important discussion.

P.S. Here is Al’s P.S. on his post. Worth repeating:

Please Note … Let’s embrace this as an opportunity to promote the value of blogs and online learning generally. There is no benefit in looking for blame here, there is enormous value and potential in celebrating our voices.

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2 thoughts on “A post for parents and educators about the internet”

  1. What is the policy for working with children online where you are?
    How are parents included as partners?
    How does access and participation and use of identity change over the years of participation from early years to more career oriented uses.

    There has been an opportunity to look at these questions and work with them in SA.
    Still work in progress. I guess I am surprised that there has been no reflection about local frameworks for safety in other places as a part of this thread of conversation.

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