Entering and being in the network

Dove Loving.It has been a long week and I’ve posted a bunch so I am going to make this short. If you’ve asked yourself about what it means to be a blogger, about how to connect with others who care/blog about the things you do, about worrying if you are at the end of the long tail and what you write doesn’t matter, that only the A listers matter, read this post: Let’s meet them at the door « Educational Discourse where Kelly responds to the question…

How does the network open up for new people as most of the people mentioned refer to one another in their writing and their own network includes one another?

Then make sure you click in and read all the comments. This is what generosity, reciprocity and inclusiveness can look like. There are many gems of practices, especially for those blogging in the education world (a lot of teachers’ voices.) It is a great example of the Culture of Love. Thanks for writing it, Kelly Christopherson.

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  1. I was a newbie until about 2 months ago. I had a personal blog that was 2 years old and an education blog that was about 4 months old. I had not been referring to anyone but really sharing my thoughts and ideas. Now that I look back, that was good but not good enough for me. When I found Twitter, it opened up the world for me. Suddenly I was not so isolated. As I “met” more people and was introduced to their blogs. I loved reading the comments which made the post even more meaningful to me. I began exchanging ideas instead of just announcing to the world – here’s my idea, goodbye. This exchange of ideas has truly helped me grow professionally in a tremendous way and just in 2 months. I feel this is like a party where you don’t know anyone. You can stand along the wall and observe or jump right in, introduce yourself, and begin the conversation.

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