Blended Chocolate – why I love online learning

love the cacao - by choconancyFrom my talented friends in Australia comes, Blended Chocolate, a three part online learning module about chocolate making.

Now I’ve heard people talk about how online learning is lifeless and is boring. As I started looking at these flash based learning modules on chocolate, I realized two things. What Gary Sewell put together here both shows his/his team’s passion and taps into mine. That’s the magic sauce (well, beyond the chocolate itself.) Passion.

Look at Kim of Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand’s offering on Permaculture, all woven into a blog with lots of visuals, videos and a sense of warmth. Scan the amazing offerings people are making on WikiEducator. No one is making them do that!


Passion from the creators of the offering. Passion in the topic. Warmth in the invitation. Poof! Learning!

One thought on “Blended Chocolate – why I love online learning”

  1. Hi Nancy, thanks for the comments on Blended Chocolate. If you click the little circled i in the bottom right of the thing, you’ll see why your comments make me happy. Sadly the files are not all there, Blended Chocolate had to switch servers a while back and not all the files went well in the switch. It was the last job before I threw it in and went web2.

    As for Horty Kim, I’ll make sure she sees your comments. It’ll really make her day 🙂

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