Haiku as Conference Capture

SXSX Image from Honoria StarbuckBill Anderson adds to the repetoire of conference capture techniques with Haiku Notes from SXSW

PRAXIS101: SXSW 2008 Reflection: Free association as a note-taking practice.

Your social footprint.
Or your ghost on the network.
You have to choose one.

Of course, to complement the text, I’ll grab one of Bill’s colleague’s visual efforts, an image from Honoria Starbuck!

2 thoughts on “Haiku as Conference Capture”

  1. Bill and I work together and created parallel poetry and illustration responses to the SXSW tech maze of social interacting. The poetry and drawings distilled a lot of information from the conference in two creative methods. I am looking forward to continuing to work with my Praxis101 partners to develop practical but poetically elegant tools for business success on the social web. Thanks for your observations on our illuminated SXSW spontaneous creations.

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