Tweetstats, bursts and bubbles

I’ve been helping launch a global online workshop this week, support a massive proposal development and get ready for a F2F conference. (My session on integrating visual practices in whole systems change process has notes here.) Oh, and nurse my husband through knee surgery. So I’ve been silent on the blogging and Twitter front. I had not watched my blog stats much until I installed WordPress and, as is totally obvious, when you don’t blog, your traffic drops like a stone. Makes sense.

Same goes for Twitter. If you don’t tweet, you don’t get tweets back!  Beth Kanter pointed me to TweetStats :: for NancyWhite and help me get a great visual of my Twitter patterns since I first signed up in November, 2006. I don’t tweet when I’m really busy.

Nancy’s Tweet Stats

3 thoughts on “Tweetstats, bursts and bubbles”

  1. Hi Nancy,

    I have been following your blog and site for a while – learning as I go. As an academic moving into an online environment I see your site as a model of potential. We live and work for social justice as well, using participatory action research in groups as our main process. So the connection to your site feels good as you point us towards tools and other goodies of use and interest.

    I write to say hi and to share a laugh at myself, new learning and life. As someone who just started to twitter last week, I went to my stats – here you are with 600+ on days when you are active and my little charts reach 8. Oh my the learning curve!

    I would love to follow you on twitter but don’t know how to “ask” or otherwise set up that connection. It seems I need to send an invitation through your email – but: a) don’t have it and b) you wouldn’t know me. Hence I write.

    No hurries on any of this, as I know you are busy and I am a stranger.

    PS is the global online conference the ed conference that George Siemens has just announced?

  2. Alana, I’m so glad that my jottings have some value. I popped over to your blog this morning. It was fun to read your ongoing transition to a new life in a new country, tea sandwiches and all. (Though I can’t believe they didn’t like your chocolate chip cookies!!)

    The thing that amazes me about twitter is why all these people would bother following me, particularly since I’m often silent. Maybe that’s what they like! 😉 I also find that there are so many people I want to follow, but I just don’t have enough time to read all that floats by me. Yesterday I barely read 4-5 tweets. SO it is still a bit odd, but in my gut, I llove the connections to people and the spontaneous, unplanned learning that occurs.

    As to busy – yup. But hey, you wrote. You are no longer a stranger, just, as my husband calls them, one of my imaginary friends!

    Let me know your Twitter ID. I’ll add you.

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