Apr 17 2008

Blended Facilitation Podcast from Matt Moore

Today Matt Moore wrangled Ed Mitchell and I into a fun podcast recording sesions. Engineers without Fears: podcast – nancy white & ed mitchell – blended facilitation.

I had a blast recording this session with Nancy White & Ed Mitchell on “Blended Facilitation”. It’s a bit on the long side but I am loathe to cut it. We’ll probably do another one and Mr Mitchell has requested “more structure”.

It was a blast! Perhaps incoherent. I don’t think I want to listen and find out, but maybe you do!

Podcast here.

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One Response to “Blended Facilitation Podcast from Matt Moore”

  1. […] indubitable Matt Moore and infinitely inspiring Nancy White and I had a three way conversation about ‘Blended facilitation’ recently. It was great […]

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