What would a Full Circle logo look like?

Like a magpie, I love shiny things. I love beautiful things. Today, I am still in immense gratitude for a gift of photographic art from Chrys Florkowski. But as many of you have noticed over the years, I never really have had a logo or look for my little company, Full Circle Associates.

About a month ago something took me to the art/craft community of Etsy.com and I started to think, hey, maybe someone here can help me with a business card. (I have been making ugly ones myself for years!) I browsed and found two designers and signed up – an identity package from Nicole Byrkit and a business card design from Michelle Brusegaard. Today I asked Nicole if I could share her designs with you, and she said yes. (I have not asked Michelle yet.)

So here they are, four ideas. I’d love your feedback. 1, 2, 3, and 4. Colors and final details are all still up for grabs.

Option C
Option A

10 thoughts on “What would a Full Circle logo look like?”

  1. I like something about all of them. Something is missing from all of them. I like the design of the first one much better for you and the colors of the second one a little more.

  2. I like the swirliness and integrated feeling of the first one, but the growths coming from the fingers really creep me out. The others feel a little geometric and somehow symmetrical compared to the first. I like the lettering and spacing of the words best in #3.

  3. While I like them all and think that they all convey strong messages about the work that you do, the first one reminds me of you (and I thought this before reading Sue’s comment). The curly queues remind me of two things – (1) your appearance ie. your hair and jewelry and (2) the weaving that you do within and across your various communities.

    If you chose the third one you would need to change the font (or something). I read it as full circle.associates since the dot of the i falls at the end of the word circle.

  4. Nancy, I love the colors of the third test while I really prefer the fonts of the last image. They are more informal and smoother. And the green is a very nice color to inspire trust.

  5. yes, I like the fonts of the last one and the colours of the second.

    There is something about the length of the arm that is spooking me. Something about it being too long…

    Now, if it was a tree – the fingers would be spread further apart?

  6. The graph of the first one is far stronger and distinctive than the rest (number 2 comes a nice second).

    To salve the “creepy fingernail” effect, you can do as in the index finger or simply separate the twines from the fingers a tiny bit. About the typefaces… using threed different ones is a bit too many :-), and maybe using the text disposition of the last two examples you could stress the “tree-ness” of the design…

    Best regards,


  7. Hi Nancy:

    In 2006, a friend and I created “FullCircles.org”… We didn’t mean to steal your idea. It’s just that we wanted to create something like freecycle.org, only different.

    After considering a bunch of alternatives, we settled on FullCircles.org. Then, in 2007, a bunch of Canadians had enough of The Freecycle Network and pulled away under the banner of FullCircles.org.

    We needed a logo… fast. Here’s the story of our logo!


    I hope it might inspire you to create a logo which tells your story.

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