Ideas flowering

I am heading into a period of intense work and travel, so who knows when I’ll get time to focus on blog posting. Every night my head swirls with things to write about: network collaboration, slow community, short-and-shared reflective practices, things I’ve learned from the many people with whom I am crossing paths, and many more. I have a stack of “draft posts” (mostly bookmarks with short notes as to why I think they are important). No shortage of ideas, just of time. So instead, I leave you a gift of spring that is currently sitting on my dining room table.
Parrot Tulip
Flickr Photo Download: Parrot Tulip

And, just for fun, here are some of the URLs I wanted to go back and read carefully and blog about. My eyes are bigger than my stomach, eh?
Parrot Tulips

7 thoughts on “Ideas flowering”

  1. I have the exact same problem — all around and also about to get into an intense period of travel and work. Ah, so much to read and learn and so little time ..

  2. Nancy is a closet Canadian, eh? I’ve been telling her for years that our chocolate shop on Bowen Island would keep her ste up for the rest of her life.

    Anyway, even if she never moves here, I’m happy to make her an honorary hoser.


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