Perspectives on Social Media – Seattle July 8th

Are you in Seattle on July 8th? Then consider stopping by the Social Media Event at ZAAZ Seattle July 8th. I’m on the slate with what appears to be a very cool group of people and will be trying to unravel a bit more of the ball of string I’ve been calling “slow community.” (Caveat: I’m not the only one talking about this. So I’m not claiming the term, just referencing my recent use of it! Vanessa DeMauro had this thought in March)

Ryan Turner saw my blog post about slow community a few moons back and asked if I’d want to join in on the 8th. It is a good excuse to revisit the wonderful comments and think a bit more about the reasons for and consequences of slowing down some of our community activity – and what slowing down means. And is there an emerging “slow community” movement afoot? Are you part of it?

Because this event is aimed towards the interactive design/user experience communities, I’m going to have to figure out my bridge ideas, because I suspect I’m coming in from a different angle.

As to the rest of the evening, here is the run down! The Facebook event is here:

By the way, check out the Zaaz/Ryan Turner blog posts on Social Media and Community Moderation from earlier in June.

One thought on “Perspectives on Social Media – Seattle July 8th”

  1. Nancy, I’m so glad you’re able to come present at this event. Really looking forward to it.

    And you know, this event has a pretty broad focus–I think whatever direction you want to take it will be appropriate and appreciated. See you next week!

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