Today is Chocolate Day

Chocolate hat © Ann de Gersem, photo C. BaeleWe now divert from our normal online-blah-blah-blah and take a reverent moment to acknowledge that it is Chocolate Day! Want a little chocolate fun? Take the Is It Beer or Chocolate? quiz (I did terribly at 51%). Look at some of the interesting links from Chris Hodge. Think about the political implications of your chocolate. The health benefits.  Chocolate as art and inclusion. (Image to the right — Chocolate hat © Ann de Gersem, photo C. Baele)

And yes, even a link to a story about online communities, support and of course, chocolate. Ah, so this post isn’t so frivolous after all. 🙂

Hat tip to Chris for pointing out this critically important day to all chocoholics.



One thought on “Today is Chocolate Day”

  1. You are so a woman after my own heart – Chocolate Day – yum

    I only got 50% in the quiz!

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