Do Crayons Qualify as Social Media?

Liz Strauss asked, Do Crayons Qualify as Social Media? . Absolutely-fricken-YES! If social media are the tools and affordances that allow us to communicate, interact, create, converse and invent with each other, then the world is full of social media. It was not born with Web 2.0 (whatever the heck that really is). Our tools transcend their initial uses, and more importantly, our practices need to transcend across our contexts!

4 thoughts on “Do Crayons Qualify as Social Media?”

  1. Absolutely-fricken-YES!

    I like so totally agree … and for adults in workplaces, exactly why do “they” not make whiteboard markers feel, and smell and act more like crayons ? Enquiring minds want to know … …

  2. Jon, you remind me of the role of the kinesthetic, which we so often forget.

    Me, I hate chalk on a chalkboard. I love the flow of gel pens. I love the smell of crayons and hate the smell of dry erase markers. Oh, smell, that is not kinesthetic. What is the word for the smell side of things?

  3. olfactum 2.0 🙂

    got to this post because of a conversation we’re having about having a mural or some sort of community art thingy at the next mental health camp.

    anyways …

    i am writing this as my bum hovers on the edge of the tipped chair, there is an itch on my left knee and i enjoy the special click click click of my keyboard. yes, the keyboard needs to sound right, otherwise i won’t use it! honestly, if the tool doesn’t feel right, i won’t tweet (or blog, or …)

    we need to engage the senses more in this enterprise that, as you so rightly say, is neither new nor limited to facebook and twitter. and yet (or: but) – as we play with this enterprise with the internets sitting in the middle of the web – what can we (e.g. you and i) do to make it more sensory?

    maybe something to talk about at northern voice in may …

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