Virtual Love Children

yummy dummy chocolatesThis post from the sparky, smart and witty Vicki Scholtz is the best chuckle of the day for me. This post is a response to participation in the recent e/Merge 2008 which I blogged about last week.

Carnivorous Cow | Repassionated
“Maybe that’s it,” Keitu admitted. “Maybe it was exactly that notion that resonated – a kind of Woodstocky feel only with better hair and cooler clothes, and far nicer toys. But that sense of idealism, of belief, of… of passion! Somehow, although I let it go, it wouldn’t let me go!”

Bob chuckled. “You’re talking about Howard sitting barefooted under his plum tree! I wonder how many fermented plums you’ve been eating…!”

“Well,” Keitu admitted, “it makes a change from all the chocolate. Hey!” she looked up. “Do you think I could be the secret love child of Nancy White and Howard Rheingold?”

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