Jul 24 2008

Free workshop: Facilitating online communities

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The inimitable Leigh Blackall of the Educational Development Centre of Otago Polytechnic is at it again, this time with an open, wiki/blog based online facilitation workshop starting next week. Catch the news at… Facilitating online communities – WikiEducator

If you are interested in online facilitation, particularly in a teaching/learning context, don’t miss this one!

Facilitating online communities

From WikiEducator

Course blog

Facilitating Online Communities blog

Facilitation is a rare and valuable skill to have. It is a service that is often used in conferences, debates, panels and tutorials, or simply where groups of people are meeting and need someone to help negotiate meaning and understanding, and to keep everyone engaged and on task.
* Good facilitation depends on good communication skills.
* Good online facilitation depends on good online communication skills.
* Facilitating online communities… what does that involve?

This course has been developed by staff in the Educational Development Centre of Otago Polytechnic and is designed to help both formal and informal learners access and interpret models, research and professional dialog in the facilitation of online communities. After completing this course people should be confident in facilitating online and/or be able to critique and offer advice to other people in the facilitation of online communities.
The next facilitated course starts 28 July 2008.
Participation in this course is open. You will need to have regular access to the Internet and be comfortable with independently completing tasks. To join simply introduce yourself to the discussion page and include an email address that can be use to add you to an email forum for the course.

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  1. Leigh Blackallon 24 Jul 2008 at 4:16 pm

    Thanks Nancy,

    I am trying hard to bring it out of its teaching and learning context actually. I see value for people in that context to consider the bigger picture, and likewise for people outside that context (journalists, marketers, managers etc) to consider the ideas of the teaching and learning context. But it is true, the course does attract mainly educationalists, and my background is such, so you are right. Any help in widening the scope would be greatly appreciated 🙂 AND, I’m very much looking forward to meeting you in NZ at DEANZ!

  2. Nancy Whiteon 24 Jul 2008 at 4:36 pm

    Leigh, I’ve already had a pal from my international development network ask about it and I encouraged him to spread the word!

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