I’m guest blogging on communities of practice

I don’t think I’ve ever been a guest blogger before, but starting today I’m doing a series on communities of practice on Darren Sidnick’s blog. I met Darren in Lisbon this summer at the EFQUEL conference. So here is the first one! (And waving to all of you from a coffee shop in Aukland, New Zealand!! Pictures soon!)
Darren Sidnick’s Learning & Technology: Communities of Practice (CoPs) with Nancy White

2 thoughts on “I’m guest blogging on communities of practice”

  1. Kia ora Nancy!

    So neat to meet with you at DEANZ! I do hope you enjoy New Zealand as much as we enjoyed your keynote presentation and afternoon workshop here in Wellington.

    I suspect that soon you will be attracting a whole new circle of lurkers from North Island NZ to you blog in future. As you say, don’t knock the lurkers 🙂

    Ka kite
    from middle-earth

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