humdog is gone

the moment of loss (imagoism 10)I have stacks of things circling around to be blogged after returning home from New Zealand. But then I read on Jon Lebkowsky’s blog that someone I knew on The Well had died. humdog

Carmen Hermosillo, aka humdog, was one of those people who taught me a lot. In the conversations on the Well she pushed back on my assumptions, and helped me examine online community and online interaction through new eyes. humdog was also an amazing writer and knew so much about so much, that each link would lead me to something new. She catalyzed learning for me.

Here are a few more links about Carmen/humdog

With a large and wide network, I fall away from people I know too easily. Carmen was one of them. Is it ever too late to express respect and thanks? To acknowledge our teachers? Better if said while alive, but in honoring her memory, I hope I can continue to be open to and learn from people who see the world through eyes very different from mine, and with such passion.

Later Edit:

Here is a picture of Carmen (I had never seen one) and a capture of her Second Life memorial.

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view photos Uploaded on July 31, 2008
by jmtimages which is in itself an memorial to another flickr member

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