Tracking Hurricane Gustav on Social Media

Taking a quick break from gardening and checked Twitter. I saw a lot of tweets around how people are using social media to track Hurricane Gustav and prepare to react to needs generated around the storm. Here are a few (Updated Sunday Aug 31, 4pm PDT, 6:20 pdt, 7:40 pm PDT, Updated September 1 9:35am):

  • And finally, a quick screen grab on Twitter as an example of the activity

Gustav and Social Media

11 thoughts on “Tracking Hurricane Gustav on Social Media”

  1. Kia ora Nancy!

    Gustav! Hmmm.

    I learnt about this demon on this morning’s radio-news. But in all fairness to our technology, what a wonderful contribution it can make/is making to the safety and wellbeing of humankind.

    I/we can only wait, watch and listen from New Zealand. I hope that the forward action, made possible by our technologies, can save children and families in ways not possible before this century.

    Ka kite anō
    from Middle-earth

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