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As if I had time/attention for another workshop or course! I’m barely following Leigh’s  online facilitation workshop, running a workshop for a client, guesting in a South African workshop and now starts George Siemens and Stephen Downe’s

 Connectivism Course. But I’m weak. I can’t resist. So in the spirit of things, here is my first blog assignment. Rather than start a blog just for the course, I’ll do my posts right here on my home blog-base. 

Connectivism Outline – LTCWiki

  1. Set up your course blog (edublogs or WordPress are recommended, but you can set up your blog with any other service) DONE!
  2. Introduce yourself in the moodle forum or on your blog – be sure to use the CCK08 tag. For the introduction, let other participants know:
  • Where you’re from – Chocolandia, of course. In earth terms, I’m from Seattle, Washington in the upper left hand corner of the continental US. But lately I rarely seem to be here. Lots of travel, baby. My carbon footprint is horrible. At least I’m not the only person on those planes by my self. (However, I could use a little leg room!)
  • Why you’re interested in this course – for a variety of reasons. 1. To see how George and Stephen collaborate in running the course, both from a content, process and technological perspectives. I love this idea of open courses (with a paying option for credit). I want to see how they scale. I suspect they are a LOT of work for the convenors! 2. I’m interested in the topic and 3. Well, you already read – I’m a glutton for overscheduling myself. 
  • What has to happen in order for you to consider this course a success. Actually, very little. Even “just watching” provides a learning experience. And that is the bottom line – did I learn?
  • Random information about yourself – your work, your experience with networked technologies, etc. – Well, I guess a quick scan of this blog will give a fast hint. And the nickname, choconancy.


3 thoughts on “Connectivism Course – Pre Assignment”

  1. Hi Nancy – I know you’re busy, so I appreciate you taking the time to post! I’m curious as well to see how Stephen and i will collaborate and make things run. So far, the process has been quite smooth – we’ve had to rely on the help of people like EdTechTalk to assist in getting a few of the synchro events going. So far, the experience has been all about process…the content starts monday. Then things will get interesting :).

    btw – I think I’ll have the pleasure of finally meeting you in Mooloolaba in Nov…


  2. Hi Nancy, know how you feel. I was going to ‘do’ much more in Leigh’s course than I have managed. Plus, I have been ‘strongly supported’ to do another course on online course construction, so hopefully everything will meld together in a seamless way that doesn’t feel too painful. good luck.

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