WestPeter blows my mind

Flickr photo by stephend9If you are interested in knowledge management, knowledge sharing, collaboration and a passel of other topics, following WestPeter on Twitter is worth every second, every character, every bit and byte.

Why? Because Peter is a generous scanner and filterer. His tweets link to articles with a quick annotation. Look  at this bibliography on his website!

WestPeter is also known as Peter West at Continuous Innovation, which appears to be his consulting firm. I’d say if I were looking for a consultant, I’d sure look at his company because of the tremendous contribution he makes day in and day out via Twitter.

So Peter, thank you. I hope this little bit of link love will share your value even wider out in the world.

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by stephend9

2 thoughts on “WestPeter blows my mind”

  1. Nancy,

    Coming from an exemplar in building community and sharing knowledge, your kind words of acknowledgement and recommendation are overwhelming.

    Iterested parties may benefit from knowing that the same article citations that appear on Twitter are echoed on Delicious – http://delicious.com/WestPeter

    Both Twitter and Delicious offer RSS feeds for the article citations.


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