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Read the comments on this post Blog comments that make you say “wow!” | BlogHer (which of course, I found because Denise linked to me otherwise I would not have seen it because there are not enough hours in the day.) How do you feel about comments?

People ask me if comments in blogs are important. If you want to connect to others, and hear what they think, then they are. There are also terrific blogs that either have comments turned off, or create an experience where we don’t feel compelled to comment. For instance, people who post things that are just so darned complete and full cause me to simply take it in. And shut up!

Comments, like linking to other people, is an act of reciprocity. Give and get. So if you want comments and links, go forth and comment on things that others post – things the inspire, move you, make you want to offer a different perspective or just thank them for something they wrote that matters to you. And link, link, link to the beautiful work of others. Even ones that haven’t fully emerged yet – keep them on your radar screen!

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  1. My blog is not popular, but a small community has emerged over the years and its comments gives me the inspiration to push along.

    A few weeks ago a friend found herself on a tv show and I blogged her three minutes of fame (even though she didn’t do well) out of pride of a friend. I was completely unprepared for a comment that came – a comment that touched me and changed my perspective and did the same for my friend. This inspired a few more postings and serious of comments which my wife summarized in a guest post on my friend’s blog.

    here is the summary

  2. Dear Nancy –

    You were the first person to ever leave a comment for me — and the thrill that gave me inspired me to keep on blogging.

    Warm fuzzies all ’round — KerryJ

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