5-Card Nancy

Thanks, Scot McCloud for 5-Card Nancy

I love this because

a. it is visual

b. it is named NANCY!

c. it gave me something fun to blog about when I’m crazy busy

d. I can imagine all kinds of variants. I can see creating visual narratives when trying to learn something new (for the Knowledge Sharing Workshop F2F in Rome in 2 weeks?)
Thanks for twittering about it Rachel!

4 thoughts on “5-Card Nancy”

  1. Glad it tickled your fancy 🙂 I have to toss credit in my turn to Ruben Puentedura who showed Five Card Nancy in his workshop on storytelling, which is where I first heard of it.

    If you haven’t alread seen it, you should also check out Five Card Flickr, which is the same basic thing but uses any Flickr photo tagged with “5cardflickr” — created by CogDog — who else?

  2. Yesterday I gave an energy talk. A week before I sent a note to the attendance list asking them to send 2 images each from flickr that said something about the subject to them. 141 people sent photos and I organized them into rough clumps to match the timing of my talk. The talk has four main sections and I made four slide shows from the submitted images.

    I try not to use printed words or equations in my general public talks (most of my technical talks are all graphs and equations) and lately I’ve been doing them with some audience pre-selected images.

    It went fairly well – no one threw old fruit.

  3. Rachel, Yes, I’ve now played 5 card Flickr as well. And of course blogged about it.

    Steve, what a FABULOUS idea. I want to try that.

    When I am speaking I try and get local picture embedded in my slide set (if I’m using a slide set. Last year I drew my “slides” as I created them. Sort of chaotic, but fun) and I’m amazed at how much this creates a connection. I love it.

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