A huge sigh of relief – a title

Warning – this is a venting blog post!

For nearly four years my dear friends and colleagues John Smith and Etienne Wenger and I have been writing this thing that became a book. You’ve heard me periodically obsessing about it here in my blog. Writing communally is one of the hardest and most rewarding practices I’ve ever done, especially when done with smart, diverse people. It is both heaven and hell. It is almost unending. But the end is in site.

We finally picked a title. FINALLY. FINAL-FRICKEN-TASTICALLY. What started out as Stewarding Technology for Communities, (site to be renamed today!), then veering around many ideas, including the recent “Digital Nests” theme, we landed today on something that both brought the warmth and natural world and a metaphor that works with the topic of the book.

So drum roll pleasssseeeee!

“Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities”

Now, I dare ask, what do you think?

I could not resist searching for a few Flickr creative commons images for the post … not intended as book images, but just … just… because I CAN!

Haworthia viscosa in habitat
Haworthia viscosa in habitat
Linda Lanes Habitat
Linda Lane's Habitat

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8 thoughts on “A huge sigh of relief – a title”

  1. I like it a lot, Nancy. A lot.

    It also gives me the sense that this is something that will ‘evolve’, hopefully with a blog-of-the-book building on what the bound copy captures.

    Kudos, as ever.

  2. One of the reasons why I really like this title is because I can see it entering our common lexicon. “So what digital habits are displaying?” “You have to get your digital habits right.” etc. Nice one guys.

  3. I like the sci-fi reference, whereby a “habitat” is an synthetic intelligent structure within which people live in space, for instance a space station or the inside of an asteroid. “Digital habitat” conjures up a self-organised structure where people hang out, but also provides them with knowledge, entertainment and eventually more sophisticated forms of digital sustenance…

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