Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations Nov 17-21

Most of you know me in the non profit world, but Tony Karrer of Tech Empower convinced me I could contribute to a corporate learning event. So take a look at what he, Jay Cross and George Siemens have put together for Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations » Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations 2008
November 17-21, 2008 | Online | Free

Join us to explore new developments, track emerging opportunities, network with other learning pioneers, and deal with topics you don’t find at the conferences you have to travel to. Come online the week of November 17 for a different kind of conference experience. Mark your calendar now. The event is free. Events are live and online.

Hook up with fellow innovative thinkers and international visionaries to gain insight into what’s going on, swap opinions, and shape the future of learning. Share your suggestions with the organizers at

My contribution will be on Online Social Architectures – Networks and Communities. And her is my disclaimer. I have more questions than answers, but I’m pretty darned convinced that the relationship between networks and communities – the fuzzy boundaries between them – is where important stuff is happening. Learning. Innovation. Work.

3 thoughts on “Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations Nov 17-21”

  1. Looking forward to ‘meeting’ you at CLTI.

    Just one thing, I’d like to say in respect of your closing words:

    Learning. Innovation. Work. Play.

    My husband often sticks his head around the door of my office and asks “Are you learning, working or playing?” to which the answer is usually, “I’m not sure. All of the above?”

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