Viv McWaters’ Haiku Facilitation Improv Tips

The older I get, the more I love open group processes. Improv is one of those. You take a minimal but clear structure and then you run with it. Viv McWaters translated some improv principles into facilitation tips using another elegant, constrained form, the Haiku! Lovely. Since I’m too dang busy to write anything original (with mountains of half written drafts) I’m pointing you to and sharing some of Viv’s cool work.

Facilitation – Evaluation – Beyond the Edge – Viv McWaters
Improv principles for facilitators in haiku

Accept offers, say
Yes! And… be open to the
ideas of others.

Be average. Be
obvious – and then see how
you soar, and excel!

Working with another?
Look after your partner well,
And you’ll both look good.

Just jump in. Go on.
Start anywhere. Begin
and be surprised.

Do something – move your
body. Listen, observe and
trust yourself. Go on!

Made a mistake? Bow…
And then try something else new.
It’s the only way.

What if? What if? What…
Just let go of the what ifs
And be present too.

Even though I’m not writing much, I am present with you in this universe! Till later…

2 thoughts on “Viv McWaters’ Haiku Facilitation Improv Tips”

  1. Hi Nancy!

    You are so right, let go of the “what ifs” and be present.
    You know? Since I met you you’re always present. It’s difficult to explain, it’s like if you have taken a seat in my sou and whenever I look inside you are there.

    See you. Besos. Maru

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