The 7 things I would never tell my mother – NOT!

Mom is in the middle with her mod friends!I have four “serious” blog posts half edited and I haven’t found the focus to complete them. So why not veer wildly…

Elana tagged me with an ever twisting blog meme “7 Things You Would Never Tell Your Mother.” I say twisted, because Yvonne DiVita  author of Dickless Marketing and the Lipsticking Blog already twisted the meme once.
Uh, well, what if your mother reads your blog? I think my mom has at least peeked at mine. Talk about social media and boundary hopping. Elana, I’m going to twist the meme again, and try and think of others to tag who have their moms as readers. Then we’ll find out if they ARE reading.

Here is the original:  The 7 Things I Would Never Tell My Mother Meme

Here is my twist: 7 Things You Want to Tell Your Mother in a Subtle Way via Your Blog

  1. My job really isn’t overthrowing small countries. Despite what my sons say at dinner time. But I do get to work with people in many countries – this year I was face to face in 7 countries and online with people from about 12 more.
  2. I do have an offline social life. I actually just went out for coffee today with a new colleague interested in online learning. And yeah, I met her online. But she lives within 20 miles. Doesn’t that count?
  3. I do get dressed for work, just not every day. While I was in Germany last month I got dressed for 8 whole days. Yes, now I’m back to warm yoga pants, sweaters and fleece. And woolly socks. It is cold in Seattle this week.
  4. My chocolate addiction is about quality, not quantity. (It is really Larry who eats the quantity in this family. Right, Larry? Naw, I don’t think you read my blog. Do ya?)
  5. My drive to contribute to the world comes from you, Mom. You were a volunteer as long as I can remember. Now I see you volunteering later in your life, and I notice how much it energizes you and keeps you young. I hope to always follow in your generous footsteps.
  6. My ability to cook a good meal comes from you. When I was younger, you were always experimenting. You come from good cooking genes from Grammy B, and added your own California flare. I remember my friends, when we moved to Pennsylvania, always thought your West Coast cooking was quite exotic!
  7. I think you are brave moving to Seattle. I appreciate that this move is as much for us, your kids, as it is for you and dad to have less house responsibility and more time to engage with life. No more house to clean. But moving here to Seattle, because we want you near one of your three kids, is a big leap. I promise, it will be a great one and all of us are standing by to make sure that happens.

Happy Holidays – send a message out to your mom on your blog. See if she reads it. And as for tagging, let’s see:

  • Jory – Because I know your mom reads your blog!
  • Bev – I know your mom has passed away, but since she was really a blogger before her time, maybe she can still get the RSS feed in heaven (or wherever you believe her spirit resides)
  • Ashley – because you are really good at expressing love online
  • Steve – I don’t know if your mom is alive (this makes this picking a bit difficult, eh) but I expect you might say something very insightful. How’s that for pressure?
  • Jim – to see how far you will stray in your blog focus these days. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The 7 things I would never tell my mother – NOT!”

  1. I would just like to recommend Trader Joe’s belgian chocolate.
    Qualitative evaluation not needed, I assure you it’s good.

  2. I like the way you “twisted” this particular meme. I know my Mom does not read my blog. I’ve tried to convince her to get a computer and learn how to do email, but she refuses. So…she knows what a blog is…but probably has never seen one.

    Thanks for sharing your 7 things and the links to bloggers who should play. Of the ones you have here, I only know Jory…so I get to meet new people all the way around. Always a good result of memes.

  3. Like Yvonne, my mother does not have a computer, does not want a computer, but she does give me assignments on a regular basis of items she wants me to check out on eBay.

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