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My Vermont buddie, Dave Burke, was tantalizing me last September with the kit of open source .net tools he was blending into a community platform. Well, the cat is out of the bag. Or the chocolate is out of the wrapper… because Sueetie has arrived!

Sueetie: The Future in .NET Open Source Online Community Development – Home Page

I was VERY happy to see that Dave included a wiki, something I was begging for when he showed me his prototypes.

I also enjoyed the Manifesto:

  • Sueetie is a movement that promotes the creation of online communities using .NET Open Source software.
  • Sueetie developers are dedicated to the success of the .NET Open Source applications that comprise the Sueetie online community suite.
  • No commercial or Open Source community application ever meets the requirements of a community without additional custom development.
  • All enhancements made to .NET Open Source applications on a Sueetie project are given back to the original application community.
  • Sueetie developers write original code or leverage code from Open Source resources. Sueetie developers never use code from source-available commercial .NET products in Sueetie communities.
  • The Sueetie feature set grows with the development of each new Sueetie site, as Sueetie developers share their application code in a common Sueetie code library.
  • Sueetie development is about freedom and collaboration. All accomplished .NET developers who are dedicated to the principles of Open Source development are welcome to join the Sueetie Movement.

So if you are looking for an open source collection of online interaction/community tools rolled into a single sign on platform, check out Sueetie. Even better, contribute to it. Dave can’t do this alone… so ping all your friends who are both Open Source and .Net.

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