Fabulous CogDog and 5 Card Stories

5 card storyA while ago I blogged about Scott McCloud’s 5 Card Nancy

I loved the visual and the “game!” 

Now the amazing Alan Levine (aka Cogdog) has created a 5 card flickr story generator – plus a special version for Northern Voice. I don’t know if I am supposed to spill the beans or not, but I had so much fun making 2 quick stories that I have to share…

Visual Thinking

By the way, I’ll be co-presenting/facilitating/playing at NorthernVoice with Barbara Ganley and Laura Blankenship, plus I’ll be doing some graphic recordings of at least one of the keynotes/plenaries.

3 thoughts on “Fabulous CogDog and 5 Card Stories”

  1. Yeah, the beans were supposed to be private, but I forgot to ask. No biggie.

    My thought preference is that an image of a five card story **not** be in the pool; it does not strictly make, IMHO, a story element, but I have no control over that.

    If possible, maybe do an alt tag for your final stories like 5cardnvstory so it is aggregatable but not in the pool (though no reason to photo them, they all have a unique url)

    Oh you crazy web kids….

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