Congratulations to Beth Kanter, Active Networker

Beth Kanter in 2005If you ever doubt the powerful combination of one motivated person and a large social network, take a look at this Businessweek story about my friend Beth Kanter.

One of the Web’s First Social Networkers – BusinessWeek

Ask Kanter about fundraising, and her strategy quickly becomes clear. She reaches for every tool that can connect with people, and she works them tirelessly.

I met Beth in 2005 at the first Blogher. I was intrigued about her taking shoe pictures. I was blown away by her energy and passion to learn and expand what she knew and did. VORACIOUS. And we became friends connected mostly by electrons, often cross posting to each others’ blogs – a lot – in the early years of our friendship.

I watched as her social network grew, the scope of her ambitions expand from a project focus, to changing the way non profits used social media for their communications and fundraising. More than any other individual I know, Beth changed the landscape, one post, one tweet, one connection at a time, all the while understanding the amplifying powers of networks.

Well, not just networks. You see, Beth adds the personal touch. The warmth. The connection. And the fearlessness to try new things, to ask people to engage and participate. The technology stewardship to make all the crazy tools work.  This is active network activation. There is nothing passive here.

Using social media for any reason is not disconnected from our warmth and humanity.  Just ask Beth!

4 thoughts on “Congratulations to Beth Kanter, Active Networker”

  1. Nancy:

    Thank you so much for your kind words – making me cry! I remember when you first commented on my blog – back in 2005 – it was the post on poetry and tagging:

    I was so thrilled that Nancy White left a comment. It really inspired me to continue the blogging. Also, your blog has provided so much inspiration and still does.

    Late responding to this … have been on the road lately doing workshops and a little bit nuts.

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