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e-Homemakers session at GK3 2007Ever since I was turned on to this thing called “Graphic Recording” or “Graphic Facilitation” my work has changed. When I facilitate F2F I have my paper, pens and chalk and try at some point to use visuals to focus, capture or catalyze what is going on in the room. I have amazed myself at what I have been able to produce – and I make that same claim “I don’t know how to draw!” But something, somewhere along the line liberated just enough of my inner censor to build my practice. (You can see more examples here, here and here ).

People are always asking me how they can learn to do this. I have (and continue ) to do very simple introductory workshops, mostly when I am overseas. But there are folks who do a brilliant job at this — far far more experienced practitioners and one of them, Patti Dobrowolski here in Seattle is offering short courses (6 hours) in Seattle, Denver and PARIS! So to all of you who asked me to tell you when I saw a great offering, here are the details. This is from Patti’s email to me – so her words!

Learning | Alchemy Learning

graphic recording
with Alchemy: The Art of Transforming Business

Graphic Recording is a visual mapping system that captures information and ideas for groups. It goes beyond regular flip charting and uses words, colors and images to explain and synthesize what happens in business meetings, conferences and events.

The technique requires the ability to listen, take quick accurate notes and draw. It is a perfect compliment to consulting, facilitation, hosting and key note speaking in business and community settings. Join us to learn this effective tool.

Upcoming Dates:

Denver & Seattle
March 6
June 5
September 11
November 6

Denver Facilitator Kriss Wittmann
2546 15th Street
Denver, CO 80211
9-3:30 pm

Seattle Facilitator: Patti Dobrowolski
Starbucks Headquarters
2401 Utah Avenue South
Seattle, WA
9-3:30 pm

Paris, FranceFebruary 10-12

Dresden, Germany
February 26-27

Core competencies
To the casual observer, the essence of recording is the ability to listen, take quick accurate notes and draw. Beneath the surface exist overall process consulting, filtering/synthesis skills and graphic architecture skills.

This exciting six hour training will give you a solid introduction to:

The WHAT of Graphic Recording:

  • Roles of a graphic recorder; before, during and after a meeting
  • Dynamics and process experienced by a group and you as the recorder

The HOW to Graphic Record:

  • Core Recording Skills
  • Process Skills
  • Information Skills

Please email Kathleen if you have any questions! kathleen@link2alchemy.com
Also for those of you who have taken this class before, let us know if you would like to be on the waiting list to brush up your skills at no charge if we have room!

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  1. I am interested in the Seattle workshop, is it open to general public? Can I still participate? What is the cost? –Thanks.

  2. I would like to take your Seattle workshop. Is it open to any interested person? If so, what is the registration process, cost of the session, required supplies etc.?

    Thank you,
    Brenetta Ward

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