Hanging Out at Northern Voice

I”m happy to be back for my 5th 2009 Northern Voice. We are well into the afternoon of day 1 or “moosecamp.” I’m always overwhelmed by the variety of offerings. I spent the morning in conversations, not sessions, then after lunch decided to hang  out in the room where I was doing a session on Graphic Recording 101 at 2pm. That meant learning about all kinds of interesting browser plugins from the amazing Scott Leslie, then pondering on gender in blogging with Laura Blankenship and Leslie Madsen-Brooks. A half hour is a tough constraint to get to play with many plugins or begin to dive into gender issues, but both were thought provoking.

On the plugin side, I’m playing with Zemanta and Feedly. I want to check out Ubiquity and Instapaper. Alexandra Samuels turned me on to Evernote and it looks really useful for keeping track of text notes and all the flip chart images I use in work.  I’ll keep you posted on these toys.  I have nothing profound to share from the gender conversation other than I sense gender reveals itself in any media, but I don’t really understand it.

Then at 2 I hosted a rapid 45 minute “Graphic recording 101” session where we jammed about 10 people on paper on the chalk board and another ten on tables to take a quick dive into the space between the pen, the paper and the wall.  My SD card reader is fritzing, so I can’t upload the photos to Flickr, but I’ll get them up as soon as I can.  In the meantime, here is a picture from the glorious Barbara Ganley! She, Laura and I are doing a session on “the spaces in between” tomorrow. I’ll also be graphically recording Rob Cottingham’s keynote and doing a little tech experiment with Alan Levine later in the day with his new recording/annotation toy. More on that tomorrow.

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One thought on “Hanging Out at Northern Voice”

  1. Dearest Nancy,

    I hope you know how truly honored and amazed I am at your energy, enthusiasm, and overall amazingness 🙂 It was a pleasure and an honor to meet you!

    Thanks so much for the discussion on navigating the personal relationships spaces (and inviting us to dance!) — I had a wonderful time. As I mentioned in the session, that struggle (mediating all my personal and interwebs relationships) is my day-to-day nemesis!

    Much love,

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