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Rachel's Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies from cc Flickr photoLast week Tony Karrer and I launched the Communities and Network Connection, a place to bring together and surface good stuff about communities, networks and all the juicy stuff around them. Tony continues to tweak the code behind it and one of the outputs is a hot list of the posts that got the most “social juice.” Tony explains how it works for one of the other aggregated sites he stewards, the eLearning Technology site.  Check out Hot List : eLearning Technology

Tony explains: 

In other words, we are using what is happening:

  • with the content out in the network
  • on the eLearning Learning
  • searches that land on us and that occur on the site,
  • and various other kinds of behaviors.

Together these social signals indicate that the content is likely of higher quality (or at least of higher interest). Thus it belongs in both a best of list and a hot list. This is going to take some work to get it right, but we believe it will help to highlight various hot list content.

We are particularly excited that this capability will soon allow us to have a weekly post that highlights hot list for the week. This will be something like:


  1. Branding in the age of social media
  2. Clay Shirky: nonprofits must become new-style convenors – or lose their members
  3. Assessing the health of a community of practice using net promoter score
  4. Mathemagenic ” PhD conclusions in a thousand words: blogging practices of knowledge workers
  5. From Command and Control to Collaboration and Teamwork – Preparing Business Leaders for the Knowledge Economy
  6. Knowledge Retention will no longer be an explicit strategy
  7. Co-operatives: The Feeling is Mutual
  8. Avoid Profile Potpourri
  9. MicroGuilds Musings on Scrum and Team Integration
  10. Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities

 Other Items:

  1.  Online Community Success and ROI | Will Pate’s Blog
  2. Facebook | Community Manager, Advocate, and Evangelist
  3. Facebook | Should Brands Join or Build Their Own Social Network


Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies photo by rachel is coconut&lime


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