just to be in the presence of others who understand

image by 2-dog-farm on Flickr ccA few weeks ago I had the great pleasure to jam in an impromptu telecon with Jessica Lipnak, Luis Suarez, Jenny Ambrozek, Lilly Evans, and June Holley about all things online. It was a sort of a net-worker’s jam. Thursday Feb. 26th, at 10am PST we are doing it again. Leave a comment if you want to join us.

Today at 3pm PST, we are doing something similar with a handful of visual practitioners and those interested in the role of visuals in our work.  You can find the details here

These ad hoc gatherings came out of connections on Twitter. Wondering out loud, finding each other and then moving to action. Pretty cool. 

More importantly, they fill a hole that Jessica articulated beautifully with this comment “just to be in the presence of others who understand.” This may mean with people who know us deeply. Or with people who care about something we care about – deeply. These are two kinds of “knowing” – one relational and one domain related. But there is a deep pleasure in basking in conversation with people you “know.”  A joy. A happy dance. 😉

So if you want to join us, let me know. Find your way and connect!


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2 thoughts on “just to be in the presence of others who understand”

  1. Hi Nancy! What a great post! Really liked Jessica’s quote. I think she nailed it with regards to how positive the not so positive concept of “echo chamber” can well be. That “just to be in the presence of others who understand” is how incredibly re-energising an echo chamber can well be, and I mean that in the most positive sense. Last time we met online I had a blast and learned quite a bit! I didn’t have to justify who and what I know. I am already looking forward to later on today, where I know we will get together again to talk about what drives our passion(s) in this virtual world we live in on the Internet. And the conversations continue …

    See you in a bit! 😉

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