Feb 26 2009

Save the words

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In December of 2007 I linked to the Connecting Dotz site with a post about love and giving.  I heard from the site’s creator, Susan  Fassberg today. She has another brilliant idea about saving words. 

Connecting Dotz … Linking people with ideas with people with ideas…
Half the languages spoken on our planet will be extinct by 2100. When a language dies, we lose more that a point of view; we lose traditions that connect people to place— and to each other. We lose deep cultural wisdom: myths and fairy tales, knowledge of plants and animals, humor, prayers, and recipes…

Susan’s new line of cards celebrate these deeply important words and the proceeds again go to non profit causes. I love this one. Confianza, “Confianza.” The description reads:


I believe in you with all my heart!

This word expresses limitless support and enthusiasm for someone.

Much stronger than confidence, confianza is like unconditional love, expressed as trust.

Susan writes:

Every card purchase supports nonprofit organizations who strive to the preserve and protect the links between language, landscape and life.

Mmmm, landscape and life. That gives me a lot to think about. What life and landscape am I preserving? What are you preserving? 

Do you need some beautiful cards? Looking for a word that resonates! Check with Susan!

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  1. Kysban's Worldon 24 Jun 2009 at 6:23 pm

    Sauvons les mots de l’extinction massive avec Oxford !…

    Nos parents, nos grands-parents n’en finissent plus de se lamenter de notre pitoyable vocabulaire. D’après nos aïeuls, les nouvelles générations ne savent pour ainsi dire ni parler, ni écrire (ce n’est pas le langage SMS se démocratisant qui d…

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