Monday Video: The circle of trust

Via Liz Lawley I found Ponzi Pirillo’s video of a little trust exercise done at the Microsoft Social Computing gathering last fall.

Trust has come up in conversation a lot lately. Clay Shirky has been oft quoted saying “in collaboration we trust.” This idea that we build trust through what we do with each other resonates in my work. It is not something we, as facilitators, “create.” We can’t build a culture of trust, we can build our culture through working together and building trust as we go.  I often go back to the 1999 work of Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa and Dorothy E. Leidner and their fabulous paper on Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams. The idea of “swift trust” given through small, interdependent interactions in teams now takes on new meaning to me through small, information exchanging acts we do with people in our networks whom we do not know personally or even at all. 

This little video is a nice visualization of Shirky’s idea.

YouTube – The circle of trust at MSR’s Social Computing Symposium

What are you doing WITH people to build trust with them? For what purpose?