Toby, Liz and Nancy on Online Community Relationships

Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing had Liz Strauss and I on Blog Talk Radio today. What a trip! Social Media and Social Networks internet radio show 4/2/2009 | Social Media Communities: Real Relationships or Illusions of Friendships?. Take a listen!

Edit: April 3. I’ve removed the embedded player because it auto plays. Sorry. You can click here to here it!

One thought on “Toby, Liz and Nancy on Online Community Relationships”

  1. Nancy –

    You and Liz were beyond brilliant and provide so many ideas for people who want to explore online communities to consider. I especially loved our “after the show” talk which developed a bit off topic but was as interesting.

    Yes, BTR needs to fix there links to not be so annoying!

    My thanks!

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