Most Viewed Posts First Quarter 2009 – What next?

I was poking around my WordPress installation this weekend and realized I could see the top posts from the last quarter. I was curious what garnered attention and how that might inform what I write going forward. Well, actually, I’m not that disciplined. I write what surfaces at the moment. But I AM open to suggestions. What would be useful for you?

It was also interesting to see how inconsistently I capitalized titles and when I think I did a better/worse job with post titles. Hmmm….

Here are the top posts in terms of site visits for the last quarter. Of course, this does not reflect those posts read off the site in feed readers!

Tom Vander Wall Nails My SharePoint Experience
How do you title a book well?
Communities of Practice Series #1
Launch Day of Communities and Networks Connection
CoP Series #5: Is my community a community of practice?
Learning from our mistakes
Red-Tails in Love: Birdwatchers as a community of practice
The Girl Effect – catalyzing positive change
Online Community Purpose Checklist
Twitter as Search Engine or Community Seed
Tinkering and Playing with Knowledge
A humorous presentation of Blogs vs. Wikis
Want to learn Graphic Recording?
CoP Series #2: What the heck is a Domain
CoP Series #6: Community Leadership in Learning
Leadership in Uncertain Times
Tips for Chat/Talk Show hosts
Exploring the place between boundaries in Communities and Networks
SRI and Knowledge Sharing
Glossary of Online Interaction
CoP Series #8: Content and Community
CoP Series #9: Community Heartbeats
Brandy Agerbeck\’s Obama Speach Visual Capture
CoP Series #10: Stewarding Technology fo
CoP Series #4: Practice Makes Perfect
Knowledge sharing: for doing complex work in a complex world
CoP Series #7: Roles and Scalability
CoP Series #3: Community – without people?
Using Google Translation Tool in Wikispaces
Learning: more than conversation
Northern Voice Visual Recap
Digital Habitats Community Orientation Spidergram Activity
Harvesting knowledge from text conversation
Musings on “community management” Part 1
netWorked Learning:connecting formal learning to the world
Dave Snowden on Rendering Knowledge
Catch up strategies in online courses
How are we building our “community soil”?
Hot List from the Communities & Netw
Great Question From Peter Block’s Presentation
Online facilitator humor
The Book of Love
A Slow Community Movement?
Reminder: St. Paddy’s and Chocolate Guiness Cake
Fabulous CogDog and 5 Card Stories
Network Effects: Advice for TJ ‘s and Any Organization
Help! Testing a network mapping exercise
Faciliplay:Play as an Online Facilitation
Knowledge Sharing in Agriculture: the KS Toolkit
From courses to community
How do you share your knowledge?
Visualizing my Twitter Friends
Jessica’s Teleconference Call Tips
Musings on “community management” Part 2
Crowdsourcing Conference Note-Taking
Building a collaborative workplace (or c
Chris Corrigan – 3 Lessons on Leadership
Between disagreement and cynicism
More on community management (part 3 or
Winemakers’ Communities of Practice
Travel Budget Slashes, Meeting Crunch an
Monday Video: The circle of trust
Twitter, being cool and a great video
Learning through sound
What is an API?
Community Orientations Podcast with Shaw
Hopping Between Notetaking and Backchann
DavidSibbet: Power And Love
The Post It Project – Decorate your worl