Monday Video: Steve Ball

Via my walking buddy come’s this week’s Monday Video (Thanks, C!). Brilliant guitar, hypnotic visuals and a stirring message.

This video led me to explore more about Steve Ball and Airport Update. I am listening to a piece Ball composed for his daughter Sofie as I write this and I am transported.

I have been thinking and working a lot with multimodality in my work both online and offline. A couple of weeks ago I did a short Kinesthetic Modeling exercise with some agriculture scientists. I have played with using music as a shared experience in a chat room and of course all my dabbling into visual facilitation. Each experiment brings me, personally, into a fuller experience with more of my attention and presence intact. Steve’s music has that focusing effect on me. I’m loving it. Thanks, Steve! I hope Sofie’s suite is in the Sketch Box set… I’m buying it!

More Info: “The Airport Exercise: featuring the work of Steve Ball, Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, J. G. Bennett, and David LaVallee. From ‘Steve Ball Sketch Box, CD2: Guitar Sketches” – coming Summer 2009.”

One thought on “Monday Video: Steve Ball”

  1. Kia ora Nancy!

    Thanks for introducing me to Steve Ball’s guitar. I find the particular track on the vid to be reminiscent of the dreamy effect that the tom-tom drums in Dedza, Nyasaland (now Malawi) had on me as a child. I used to listen to them as I lay in bed at night. They were far across the valley, played by the Angoni Highland Africans. Their sound would drift with the changing breeze. But it was rhythmical and with subtle changes in the musicality of the notes from the drums – sweet, soporific.

    Catchya later
    from Middle-earth

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