My Spring Online Reading

CC image on flickr by seenyarita This spring I decided to try and get back into a regular blogging practice. You may have noticed this in February, March and part of April. Then I fell back off the wagon when sunny spring weather lured me outdoors for garden projects. I have no regrets.

There are still tons of interesting things I have read and “intended” to blog about. But the river flows on and it is silly to think I’ll get around to it, so here is a little link love to all the links I saved in April and May (so far) that, if time and priorities were different, I’d point to and write about. Pick one link. Maybe you’ll hit a gold mine! Later I’ll share some of the books I’ve read. Yes, shocking, BOOK! On PAPER!

Photo by SeenyaRita

2 thoughts on “My Spring Online Reading”

  1. Great to learn it was just the outdoors that lured you. I, as possibly other fans and followers, was getting a bit worried: would Nancy be fine? Now when we see a gap we will all be the happier for you: the sun must be shining in Seattle!

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