Webheads in Action Online unConvergence

Webheads in Action announces their WiAOC 2009:  Webheads in Action Online unConvergence, May 22-24, 2009. I’m not sure what an unConvergence is… I was kind of hopeing we’d have moments of convergence, but divergence is also good, eh?

I’ll be on (via Elluminate)  tomorrow,  Friday, May 22  at 15:00 GMT (that’s 8am PDT) talking about technology stewardship. (slides below.) You can find all the details on the organizational Wiki: http://wiaoc09.pbwiki.com.

Participation is FREE, but they encourage people to register on their Ning site.  http://webheadsinaction.ning.com. All organizers and presenters are volunteers.

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