Careful, visual practices are spreading!

cc Flickr Photo by Tony Carr of Virginie AimardTony Carr’s picture of Virginie Aimard

I am grinning wildly as I see this picture of my friend and colleague, Virginie Aimard of UN University. She was facilitating a session on “University 2.0” as part of eLearning Africa in Dakar, Senegal  a few weeks ago.  It was so fabulous to see her using visual practices.

It was only last November that we began to play with visuals together, as part of a workshop I facilitated in Bonn. I suggested Virginie connect with some of the European practioners.

Earlier this year Virginie brought in the fabulous Ole Qvist-Sørensen to lead a graphic facilitation/recording workshop for her team in Bonn. I hear rumors there are now drawings tacked to walls and doors all around the office.  What a great move!

The fact that Virginie has already incorporated the practice into her work is a great testament that this “visual stuff” is within our reach. And the excitement and engagement it generates is the payoff.

Have you incorporated visual practices into your work yet? Considered where they fit? Share your story in the comments please!

And if you want to know more about visual processes or Ole’s work, check out this slide show:

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    1. I’ll ask her, Amanda. It was a workshop more than a presentation. Tony Carr says he will upload the rest of the visuals today or tomorrow.

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