Me, We, Network Presentation at EdMedia

4nitsirk's photo from Edmedia on flickrOstensibly, a conference – Ed-Media– brought me to Hawaii, but my blogging quietude is more about some vacation time. (Pictures slowly arriving on Flickr).

Here in Honolulu, It has been fun to meet some online buddies (from blogs, Twitter, etc.) like George Siemens, CogDog, Kristina Hoeppner and Tony Hirst.

The talk was yesterday, so I thought I’d share the slides. Supposedly there will be a recording, but I suspect that no one turned on the recording. 😉

I found the crowd attentive but very quiet. Not very emotive or getting engaged with questions. Not a chuckle when I made a BING joke! It could be that this was day one and people aren’t quite warmed up.  Afterward I had some great conversations with people which reassured me that at least a few people really were awake. After all, it was a presentation. It would be great to be able to do something more interactive and perhaps I can push myself harder to do that in the future. Anyway, here are the artifacts – a wiki with some links and the slides.

Onlinefacilitation wiki – me_we_network resources

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4 thoughts on “Me, We, Network Presentation at EdMedia”

  1. 🙂 George it was great to finally meet you in person as well. I met some cool people – mostly via the Twitterstream, at #edmedia. Thanks for the opportunity. And more importantly, thanks for your work to bring more “social media” interaction, and thus more interaction, into a more traditional conference environment.

    See ya online!

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