Video: Shelly on Leveraging Community/Free Frayed Wire Ticket

I know, it is not Monday. I had scheduled this post for next Monday, but realized I wanted to give away my Frayed Wire ticket and that is THIS SATURDAY. So here we go.

Via Ignite Seattle comes a great 5 minute rap by Shelly Farnham on Community Genius: Leveraging Community to Increase your Creative Powers. Shelly is not talking about online community specifically, but community generally. And bounded community where people know each other, not this pseudo community label co opted by marketers.  (Sorry, harsh but that’s reality!) My favorite part is her love analogies. Take a peek – I don’t want to steal her thunder!

This brings to mind the free ticket thing because Shelly is one of the organizers of Frayed Wire on July 11th – I’ll be on the road. I have a paid ticket if someone in Seattle would like to use it! First person to eave a comment ASAP get’s it. I’ll need your name and email (which is part of the comment form) and I’ll transfer my ticket to you!