Social Media in International Development – 10 min interviews

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I’m about to facilitate another workshop on social media in international development for the ICT-KM program of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). This is the third time for this all-online workshop. In this iteration, we are trying to pay more attention to context of use, rather than focus on tools, tools, tools. The best way I know of doing this is to start the conversation with some stories of use.

To that end, I’m starting to do some 10 minute podcasts with practitioners who are  using social media in their work,  particularly those who work in international development and/or science research for global public  good (as in agricultural research.)

Who would you like to hear from? Who should I talk to?

First up, I’ll be interviewing William Anderson cofounder of Praxis101 . Bill has wrangled with the issues of sharing scientific data with his work with CODATA where he is an Associate Editor for the CODATA Data Science Journal (, and in his role as the Co-chair of the InterAcademy Panel Task Group on Digital Knowledge Resources in Developing Countries ( ). He recently ended an eight year term as a member of the U.S. National Committee for the Committee on Data for Science and Technology and as Co-chair of the CODATA Task Group on  Preservation of and Access to Scientific and Technical Data in Developing Countries.

I already have a nice collection of longer podcasts including:

However, the value of a small library of short, engaging stories is priceless. So who should I interview? You? Someone you know of? Let me know! I’d like to harvest a few stories.

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5 thoughts on “Social Media in International Development – 10 min interviews”

  1. Hi Nancy,
    Perhaps Joitske Hulsebosch would be someone to ask, and I bet there are a bunch of others from KM4DEV that would be great to hear stories from.

    (and btw, ordered your new book yesterday. Looking forward to it very much, to read it.)

  2. Yes, Joitske is a great suggestion. And I’m taking my recorder to the KM4Dev meeting in October to snag some while at a rare F2F!

    I hope you enjoy the book. Feel free to post a review on Amazon. 😉

  3. Oh no, I can’t link to these podcasts!

    Nancy, I’m now in regular telecons, webcasts, and videocons with colleagues and clients — sometimes daily, always weekly. I find most everyone weak in their facilitation skills in these new settings, and I always think of you (and Howard) as ahead on the skills and knowledge people need to be effective facilitators and teambuilders across the phone and the web.


    1. Tom, when you say you can’t link to them, does that mean when you click on the link you can’t get to the blog posts containing them , or you can’t find the permalink to the podcast itself? (Happy to clear that up.)

      And thanks for the recognition. 😉

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