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Flickr CC from QuapanI’m always interested in where people started in their “practice” no matter what the practice. So I was tickled to be led to Twitter / Search – #myonlineorigins.

What are your online origins?

Photo Credit: quapan

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  1. It started in 1978 with hacking fax machines to increase their resolution for physics preprints (the particle physics world lived on preprints by that time .. published journals were too slow). In April of that year I got my first email account and that summer wrote a gateway between ARPANET and THEORYNET so I could reach someone I had to reach. I didn’t have a terminal on my desk .. way too expensive then. I think Brookhaven Labs was considered cool then because they leased several dedicated 56k lines:-). In about 1980 there was USENET which was a great place for asking questions to the gods. I would read it every morning.

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